Dear Supporter, The New City Youth and Teen Programs are pleased to present yet another summer of exciting and enriching activities for students in the New Orleans community.  In 2015, with the help of many generous donors, we were able to serve more low-income students (130) than ever before.  As we enter our fifth year of operating, the young people of our program are counting on your support and assistance to keep this momentum rolling.  In just four years we have seen reading comprehension scores increase by 30% and drug prevention and conflict resolution knowledge has increased by 20% over the years.  Our students now make-up the future leaders of this community!  With our young people’s achievements continuing to grow, we remain committed to serving the at-risk youth and families in the city of New Orleans both academically and culturally.  But, we cannot continue this impact without your assistance.  Please continue to join us and invest in these young people by making a tax deductible contribution.  You can make a donation online using the "DONATE HERE" button provided below or we will gladly schedule an in-person pick-up.

Yours in service,

Kevin Barnes, Jr.